Getting started

In this session, you'll follow a simple workflow to get your first program compiled and running on the School's Linux machines.

The commands are not given here (although the preceptors will be able to help), since you should have been making notes in the lecture…

  1. Log on to the School's Linux server (avon)
  2. Go into your Private directory and create a new directory with an appropriate name.
  3. Change into your newly created directory
  4. Create your first hello world program (remember it needs to have the extension .c) using the editor of your choice. (The source code is availble here, and remember semicolons ‘;’ are important.)
  5. Compile your program.
  6. Run the generated executable (remember you might need to explictly state it is in the current directory).
  7. Change the message that is printed out so you can get lunch (Keep it clean…).

That's it…