If you are in the position of having to resit G51PRG, then you may find this document helpful since it outlines the format of and nature of the questions for the resit exam.

Sample Hello World program

If you can't remember what you are meant to be doing the workflow can be found here, and a more detailed description in this pdf (although you can ignore section 5 for now, it is about stuff used later in CSA).


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The example code from the lectures are in ZIP format so will need to be decompressed before viewing, if you do this onto your H:\ drive on Windows then the files will be accessible under UNIX as well.


Coursework will be set on a Wednesday and will be due in the following Wednesday at 2355. Details about how to submit coursework will be provided shortly. Please do not leave the coursework until the last minute but rather make use of the labs and tutorials provided during the week. Late submission will be allowed up until noon the following Monday, subject to the standard penalty of 5% per day.

CourseworkNameCS Moodle submission linkDue DateIssue Sheet
1Variables and Functions15th October 2014CS Issue sheet
2Octal and Hidden Characters29th October 2014CS Issue sheet
3Arrays, Files and Strings19th November 2014CS Issue sheet
4Matching Pairsvia TMA14th January 2015CS Issue sheet


The allocation of students to tutorials is listed here. Please let me know if there are any problems.